Istanbul, August 2018

I want to describe the people I met there, and the sites I visited with much detail. But the only images of those places I can remember are the pictures I took with my camera, not the mental images I should have captured without a camera in hand. You’ll find some of the images taken on the trip at the bottom of this page.

What 3 years can do to your memory these days is unfortunate. If we didn’t have phones or DSLRs, we’d have to rely on the OG cameras, our eyes and brain. Now that we do have those devices, we only remember what they saw, and hardly anything we saw with our own eyes.

Which is why it’s going to be hard for me to give you a subjective account of the sights I saw, because I hadn’t seen them with my own eyes. I was the designated photographer for the one week trip, and I missed out on registering the sights with my own two eyes. Instead, I used one eye to look through the view finder of my camera, only seeing a one-dimensional image of the centuries-old monuments and museums.

Of course, when my arms were tired, I did put down my camera to take in the sights in full 3D. But all I can remember now are images of the places I didn’t have my camera out at all. My dad bargaining with the taxi driver, our taxi ride to the hotel that night, us unloading the luggage at the hotel door, and the hotel rooms.

Everything between that night and the day we left Istanbul are not particularly well-imprinted in my mind.

However, when I look at the images I captured on camera throughout that week in August 2018, I can better remember what it felt like to be in those places. And maybe even remember what happened before and after those images were captured.

You’ll find picturesque images of the monuments of Istanbul put up by thousands of other people on Instagram. What you’ll see here below is Istanbul through my eyes.

Skyline from the Bosphorus
Flower spotted outside a monument
Residents of The Blue Mosque
General Cargo Ship on the Bosphorus
Resident at Kariye Mosque
Seagull on the ferry to Büyükada
Basketball coaching at the pier
Flower garden inside Topkapi Palace
Another feline at Topkapi Palace
Ferries parked at Büyükada pier
Skyline from Galata Tower
Dry fountain inside Topkapi Palace
An old wooden building on an island

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